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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News


Which mailing tube should you choose?

How do you sent documents to your clients? Often it is quickest to send the needed papers as email attachments or to use a cloud-based storage service to transfer files but that is not always possible. There are times when only physical documents will do and you have to use the postal service. The packaging problem When you need to send physical documents to your client, what are your options? If the document is small enough, you can fold it up and place it in an envelope, but that won't work for lots of documents.

3 Maintenance Steps for Pressure Washers

If you own a pressure washer business, then you know the importance of routine equipment maintenance. In fact, you may have several types of pressure washers ranging from small portable washers to larger industrial truck mounted units. Regardless of the pressure washer size, the maintenance for the water pumps is generally the same. Here are three maintenance steps that you and your employees should be taking on a routine basis to keep the pressure washer water pumps operating smoothly.

Commercial Space Cooling: Three Crucial Tips for Purchasing an Office Air Conditioner

If your old office air conditioner is not performing as expected, you should plan on replacing the unit. Remember, without proper cooling, your employees will be uncomfortable, and the productivity of your general business operations will decline. Also, if your office is too warm, there will be a higher risk of office equipment overheating. If you are purchasing an office air conditioner for the first time, you should consider the below tips during selection for the best outcome.

4 Benefits of PVC Swing Doors Over Stainless Steel Doors

Are you wondering whether to install PVC or stainless steel doors at your business premises? Both of these doors can offer easy access, but they have different pros and cons. Below are benefits of using PVC swing doors over stainless steel doors. Easy installation  The installation process for PVC swing doors is much easier compared to stainless steel doors. When putting up stainless steel doors, there needs to be sufficient preparation, including digging up a foundation that will be suitable to hold up the door.

4 Important Aspects of Core Drilling

Homeowners can take on some concrete core drilling projects if they have the right tools for the job. This article discusses some of the key aspects which homeowners should pay attention to when they are performing core drilling. Speed  Different drill bits have different speed ratings at which they can be used. Don't attempt to use a higher speed than is recommended for the drill bits which you are using. Excessive speed can cause the drill bits to wear out rapidly.

Why salvaged timber is a great choice for your home

What do you do if you need to buy some wood? You could head straight for your local timber yard or DIY store and buy whatever materials you need, but that isn't your only option. Have you considered using reclaimed wood for your next building project? How can reclaimed timber help you? Most people engage in some type of recycling around their home, whether that is using old newspapers as a packing material or finding new uses for glass jars once the contents have been consumed.

Why Thermoplastic Vulcanisates Are Suitable for Automotive Applications

Are you planning to restore a vintage car you recently acquired? Read on and discover some of the reasons why you should buy as many parts made from thermoplastic vulcanisates, such as TPV Santoprene, as possible. Reduced Weight Some vintage cars may have been made at a time when technologies that delivered fuel efficiency had not yet been developed or perfected. Consequently, your vintage car is likely to consume a lot of fuel each time you drive it.

What you didn't know about perspex

You're probably familiar with perspex as the highly versatile acrylic sheets used in any number of creative and industrial applications. Here are some things you didn't know about perspex: Perspex Acrylic is a brand name for a high quality form of acrylic sheets. Perspex take its name from the Greek word plastcos, meaning to be moulded by heat. It is a thermoplastic homopolymer, which means it can be melted down and reformed time and time again.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Company That Does Turnkey Projects If You're Building a Factory

If you're thinking about investing in an industrial facility or if you want to set up a plant to manufacture your newest invention, you can build it from the ground up, or you can opt for a turnkey project. A turnkey project is a contract where one party designs, builds and sets up the facility. Then, you make a payment and its yours. Wondering if this is the right move for you?

Why cartage tanks are the perfect solution to your storage needs

Whether you are involved in the agriculture business, run your own haulage company or work in any other field where you need to store and move liquids, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the options in the market. It can often seem like someone has designed more tanks, in more capacities and out of more materials, than you quite know what to do with! Not only do you need to think about what you are storing in it, but you also need to think about how you might need to move it in the future, how it will integrate into other systems you use and how you will be able to get your liquids out at the final destination.

Man vs. Machine: Which Is the Best for Concrete Troweling?

Concrete requires finishing, and part of the finishing process includes troweling. Troweling is the process of smoothing down the concrete so that it produces a smooth and even surface. Nowadays, professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike have numerous options available to them. Troweling is typically done with a steel trowel, but there are plentiful options for high-tech, machine-assisted troweling tools. While such tools might possess more amenities, they come at a considerably higher price point.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Commissioning Metal Display Cases for Your Retail Shop

If you're trying to create a fun, upscale, industrial type vibe in your shop, you may want metal display cases. A metal services company can help you design and create what you want. To help you come up with some ideas, check out the following tips. Opt for Some Mobile Displays While permanent displays along your walls are essential, you may also want some displays that you can move. This makes it easier to change the layout of your shop for the holidays or during special sales.

Automobile Lifts: Three Critical Guidelines for Optimal Safety in Your Building

Car lifts can enhance the convenience of moving vehicles around your commercial building. Also, when you install the elevator, you will be able to use otherwise unusable space for parking your cars. However, there are some critical issues that you must address before installing the structure in your building. One of these elements is the safety of the users. If you do not uphold the right practices when using your elevators, you could cause avoidable problems for your business.

Stay On The Rails: The Benefits Of Choosing Stainless Steel For Disabled Toilet Handrails

Any good business operator knows that catering to the needs of disabled customers and consumers is just as important as meeting the needs of the able-bodied, and this is just as true for the bathroom facilities you provide as it is for any other aspect of your business. Providing access to toilet facilities for disabled people is a legal requirement under all but the most extraordinary circumstances, so you will want to ensure that your toilet facilities are usable by people with every form and degree of disability.

Tank You Kindly: Is Concrete the Right Material for Your New Rainwater Collection Tank?

With the Earth's natural resources becoming more valuable and thin on the ground every day, it's no surprise that many homeowners, farmers and commercial businesses choose to reduce their water consumption by installing a rainwater collection system. When properly designed and installed, a rainwater collection system can dramatically reduce the amount of mains water your building or business operation uses, with the accumulated rainwater finding uses from watering crops to flushing toilets.

4 Facts about Soil Testing that Residential Gardeners Must Know

One leading cause of environmental pollution in residential areas is soil contamination due to human factors, for instance, use of pesticides with hazardous materials like lead, arsenic, or mercury and oil leaks. For this reason, if a residential area was zoned for industrial purposes a few years back, then the soil should be tested for levels of contaminants. Most importantly, it is prudent for homeowners who wish to practice urban agriculture in their gardens to ascertain the degree of soil contamination before commencing such a project.

Methods of Caring for Your Powder Coated Fittings

When you install high-end steel or aluminium fittings in your home, you want to stay in good condition for the longest possible period. This means that you would love them to stand up against anything that's likely to damage them. For the fittings to do this, they must have an effective coating or layer of protection that keeps any harmful elements at bay. A powder coating is very effective at doing this.

What Gives Plastic Crates an Edge Over Other Types of Crates?

Whether dealing with manufactured products or perishable farm produce, plastic crates come in handy when you need to store or transport your stuff. They play an important role in the management of inventory. Ideally, the crates are used for processing units, conveyor mobility, storage and assembling units. There are various grades of plastic, and you can choose the material according to your specific applications. For instance, high-density polyvinyl chloride plastics are tough and suitable for the rumble and tumble of farm applications.

Why Flexible Pre-Insulated Pipes are Better Than Rigid Ones

Pre-insulated polyethylene (PEX) pipes exist as rigid or flexible piping systems. Some homeowners may not know which of these options would be better for underground piping systems on their properties. This article discusses some of the reasons why the flexible pre-insulated version may be a better choice for you. Obstacle Avoidance It is harder to install the rigid PEX pipes in an area where underground obstacles, such as other utility lines, exist.

Top Benefits of Opting For Laser Engraving

Laser engraving refers to the process of using a laser beam to create etchings on a surface. In years past, the engraving process was largely done by hand. However, since the advent of this technology, it has steadily been adopted by numerous industries that offer this service. Nevertheless, some individuals may still be under the impression that engraving by hand is the only way to guarantee quality. Below are some of the top benefits of incorporating laser engraving in your business:

Cutting Sheet Metal: 4 Options

Sheet metal provides a high strength solution for various operations which span the industrial and manufacturing sector. Sheet metal can also be easily modified and cut into different shapes to match the specification of the job you are completing. However, when cutting sheets of metal it is important that you choose the correct method. Below is a guide four standard sheet metal cutting methods. Laser Cutting Laser cutting involves using a highly concentrated beam of light which generates enough heat to cut through the sheets of metal.

A Guide to Buying a Soccer Net that Suits Your Sports Needs

You will want to spend your hard earned cash wisely and purchase a soccer net that will suit the specific needs of players as well as last for an extended period. What type of net should you buy then? It is somehow tricky to clearly predict the exact time a soccer net will last. A series of variables come into play for this case. Soccer net wear widely depends on the thickness of the net, overlying weather conditions, the type of material used to make the net, and the size of the mesh.

How Balustrades Are Made

Balustrades are used in many different environments, including residential properties, offices, retail premises, schools and supermarkets. They are often made from a combination of safety glass and stainless steel, as these materials are very robust and low maintenance in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Here is a brief explanation of how balustrades are manufactured. Design One of the first steps in the manufacturing process is drawing up the design for a balustrade.

4 Tips to Help You Fabricate Metal on Your Farm

If you run a farm, there is a lot of metal fabrication that needs to be done. From repairing machinery to putting together water troughs and all kinds of other tasks, metal is at the heart of a lot of it. To save a bit of money, you can do a lot of your agricultural metal fabrication on your own, but you should be prepared. Here are some tips to help you.

Factors That Can Affect the Quality of Induction Bent Pipes

Induction pipe bending usually produces high quality bends that are superior to bends produced by other methods, such as mandrel bending. This high quality is usually achieved by keeping a close watch on the factors that may compromise the quality of the induction bends. This article discusses some of the issues that fabricators will watch out for in order to deliver the best induction bends in your pipes. Dents and Gouges