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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Planning A Commercial Construction Project? Why You Should Choose Structural Timber

by Dan Owens

If you're planning the construction of a commercial building, you might think that steel is your best option for construction material. However, that's not necessarily the case. In fact, you might find that timber is actually your best option. You might not realise this, but timber is one of the best materials you can use for commercial construction projects. If you're not sure how timber will benefit your construction project, read the list below. Here are just three of the reasons to choose timber beams for your next project. 

Ensures Precision Fit

If you're responsible for the construction of a commercial building, you need to ensure proper fit. Problems with fit can undermine the structural integrity of your building, which is where structural timber comes into the picture. Structural timber is easier to cut, which helps to ensure a precise fit. Not only that, but structural timber doesn't need to be cut to size on the site. Instead, structural timber can be cut to size while off-site and then assembled onsite. Not only does this process improve fit, but it also speeds up the construction process. 

Provides Sustainability

If you're concerned about the environment and you want to provide eco-friendly buildings for your clients, now's the time to switch to structural timber. This is especially important when sustainability is an issue. Structural timber is a sustainable construction material, especially when efforts are taken to replace the timber that's cut. Not only that, but timber helps to reduce greenhouse gases, which is important for the environment. One of the problems with using concrete and steel for your construction projects is that they increase greenhouse emissions. To protect the environment and ensure sustainability, choose structural timber for your projects.

Increases Crew Safety

If you want to ensure a safe working environment for your crew, structural timber is the best option for your construction material. You might not know this, but structural timber improves workplace safety in a variety of ways. First, structural timber weighs less than structural steel, which reduces the risk for workplace injuries. Second, structural timber doesn't release harmful dust concrete does. Finally, structural timber is quieter to work with, which reduces the risk of work-related hearing loss. 

Now that you're planning your next commercial construction project, make sure you use the right material. Instead of choosing concrete or steel for your construction project, take this opportunity to reap the benefits of structural timber.