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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Save Money on Steel Fabrication with These Tips

by Dan Owens

Steel is an incredibly versatile alloy that boasts a lot of tensile strength and can be shaped with a minimum risk of fracturing. If you have decided to use this alloy in your next project, you likely need to hire a steel fabrication company. Worried about the cost? Here are some tips to help you save money when working with fabricators.

1. Choose a Steel Fabricator with an In-House Design Team

In most cases, you can also save money on steel fabrication services by choosing a local company. When you work with a local fabricator, you can easily visit their factory to see how they do the work, and you don't have to spend a lot of money on travelling to a far-flung location.

When your steel fabrication company has an in-house design team, you don't have to worry about finding a designer and a fabricator. That saves you time. Additionally, the designer can guide you toward a design that works well based on the skill set and equipment of the fabricator you choose. Ideally, they should help you narrow in on the best design, the most optimal materials, and the best line processing steps.

2. Simplify Your Design

Whether you work with your own design, a third-party designer, or an in-house designer, you should try to create a simple design. The simpler your design is, the easier it will be for the fabricators to create. In contrast, if your design is very complicated, the fabrication process is going to take longer and cost more.

A simple design should include simple folds. In particular, you should avoid small bends on big parts. You should also limit the tight tolerances you use as much as possible. You also want to focus on a uniform bend orientation. When all your bends are the same direction, the piece doesn't need to be rotated during the fabrication process, and that saves time and energy.

3. Use Stock Materials and Sizes

When selecting the materials for your design, also try to stick with stock sizes. If the fabricator regularly orders the items you need, they will get bulk pricing, and you will save money. In contrast, if you choose types of steel that need to be custom ordered or specially milled, that drives up your costs. Talk with your fabricator to learn more about the standard gauges of sheet metal, and then, make sure your designer keeps that in mind while creating your design.

4. Find a Fabricator That Uses Mill-Direct Supplies

In addition to using stock sizes, you should try to find a fabricator that has a relationship with a mill. If they get their supplies directly from the mill, they are likely to pay lower prices than if they get their supplies from a middleman supplier who buys from the mills. To find out this information, simply ask the rep from the company where they get their supplies. As you compare costs from different companies, you may want to ask for a break down of the different expenses in your quote. Then, you can directly compare the cost associated with steel.

Additionally, once your item has been manufactured, you don't have to worry as much about expensive shipping or transit costs. Instead, depending on the size of your order, you can have the fabricator deliver it for a local delivery fee, or you can even ask if they will waive the fee in exchange for ordering a certain volume of products. If you have a small order, you may even be able to pick up your order yourself.

To learn more about saving money on your steel fabrication project, contact local companies and start comparing your options.