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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Man vs. Machine: Which Is the Best for Concrete Troweling?

by Dan Owens

Concrete requires finishing, and part of the finishing process includes troweling. Troweling is the process of smoothing down the concrete so that it produces a smooth and even surface. Nowadays, professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike have numerous options available to them. Troweling is typically done with a steel trowel, but there are plentiful options for high-tech, machine-assisted troweling tools. While such tools might possess more amenities, they come at a considerably higher price point. There are a number of different factors that can be argued for and against, and this will be further explored.

Manual troweling

Manual trowels are the most common method used for finishing and smoothing concrete. Manual trowels are affordable to both professionals and non-professionals, so would be particularly suitable for someone who is not smoothing concrete on a regular basis. Trowels are required for small and particular work, so are essential for professionals and definitely manageable for a non-professional.

Manual trowels provide no assistance other than your physical capabilities, so consideration should be taken into account. While cheaper than power operated tools, machine and power-assisted trowels will provide considerable work relief when engaging in concrete smoothing, provided you are willing to invest more into your tools. Manual trowels also are more time consuming, so buyers should take note.

Manual trowels don't come in many varieties, but do vary in quality and sizes. Consideration must be taken in regards to the type of concrete you are smoothing and the size of the area that you are smoothing.

Machine troweling

Machine and power assisted trowels come in a few different varieties. You can find ones utilising mechanical levers to assist you and various powered machine trowels that use either petrol or diesel.  What most of these machines aim to provide is assisted steering. This is to reduce the amount or effort required to smooth out concrete. To this effect a machine or power-assisted trowel undoubtedly outclasses the manual trowel. Machine and power assisted trowels now come in a myriad of different sizes and are available for large-scale projects or portable machine or power-assisted trowels.  Take note, a simple steel trowel is available at a much smaller price point. But those involved in long term operations or professionals, should seriously consider purchasing a machine or power-assisted trowel.


Manual trowels offer anyone the ability to successfully smooth their concrete, but for large areas this could take a lot of effort and time mechanical may be better. Despite this, for anyone new to the activity, they are a great starting point.

For professionals, in this day and age it would be highly recommended that they look into buying a machine or power-assisted trowel, as the benefits it provides certainly outweigh the high price point, provided one is engaging in relating activities on a daily basis.

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