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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Tips to Keep in Mind When Commissioning Metal Display Cases for Your Retail Shop

by Dan Owens

If you're trying to create a fun, upscale, industrial type vibe in your shop, you may want metal display cases. A metal services company can help you design and create what you want. To help you come up with some ideas, check out the following tips.

Opt for Some Mobile Displays

While permanent displays along your walls are essential, you may also want some displays that you can move. This makes it easier to change the layout of your shop for the holidays or during special sales. A metal services company can create shelves or a range of other display units that are mobile—essentially, they just need to ensure the display is lightweight and that it has the right caster wheels.  

Mix Custom and Versatile Units

For the best effect, you want some of your display cases to hold very specific items. For example, if you sell magazines, you may want a display unit designed to showcase magazines. If you sell shoes, hats or Christmas tree ornaments, you need a special display case for those items as well. However, you may also want some plain shelves that can be used for a range of different products. Opting for a blend of custom and general metal displays gives you the flexibility you need.

Remember to Integrate Decorations

A lot of your metal displays are going to be completely functional, but wherever possible, you should integrate in some designs. For example, you may want the side of one metal display to feature brushed copper, super shiny aluminium or another type of decorative flourish. When choosing a metal services company to help you, ask to see a portfolio of their previous work. That can give you some ideas.

Consider Including Wood Elements

In some cases, you may just want metal display cases, but to add some decorative flair to your retail establishment, you may want to include some wood elements as well. For example, a metal frame with wood shelves looks nice, or a wood backdrop with metal hooks is another example. Many metal services companies can combine these materials, or they can do the metalwork and refer you to a carpenter for the rest.

Remember Cleaning

Finally, when choosing your designs, remember to consider long term maintenance such as cleaning. If your staff is small, you may want to avoid displays with lots of intricate twists and turns that require a lot of cleaning.