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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Automobile Lifts: Three Critical Guidelines for Optimal Safety in Your Building

by Dan Owens

Car lifts can enhance the convenience of moving vehicles around your commercial building. Also, when you install the elevator, you will be able to use otherwise unusable space for parking your cars. However, there are some critical issues that you must address before installing the structure in your building. One of these elements is the safety of the users. If you do not uphold the right practices when using your elevators, you could cause avoidable problems for your business. Here are some guidelines to help you promote optimal safety after installing reliable car lifts.

Inspect the Elevator Regularly

In general, automobile lifts are designed to provide long-lasting service. The construction of these structures is resilient, so they are not prone to unexpected failures. However, you should not neglect the equipment and expect durability and exceptional performance. The lift could sustain damage due to sudden impact or other accidents. Therefore, you should have an experienced technician perform inspections. If you notice damage, breakage or malfunctions, you should stop using the lift until the structure is restored. Regardless of the problem severity, you should hire a licenced contractor for assessment.

Know the Capacity Limits

Car lifts can handle heavy loads with ease and without compromising the safety of the equipment. However, there is no infallible lifting product. In simple terms, every elevator has a maximum weight capacity. This limit is decided upon by the manufacturer after rigorous testing of the automobile lifts. You should know the maximum rating of your asset, and you must also make sure that the information is visible to all users. This limit must never be exceeded under any circumstances. Overloading the structure will cause eventual weakening of the lift. Ultimately, premature failure will occur and result in numerous safety problems.

Perform Regular Maintenance

Like other equipment, an automobile lift will require some maintenance to perform at desired levels. Therefore, you should create a precise schedule for handling specific tasks which are essential for the continued function of the elevator. In general, you should clean the structure on a regular basis. Ensure that the surfaces and joints are free from spills, debris and oil. This practice will promote aesthetics and prevent dirt-related functional problems. Also, you should have a technician lubricate the moving parts as recommended in the manual. Additionally, when components wear out or sustain damage, you should purchase OEM parts and perform immediate replacements.

If you are planning on replacing or renovating your automobile lift, consult an experienced supplier for personalised advice.