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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

A Guide to Buying a Soccer Net that Suits Your Sports Needs

by Dan Owens

You will want to spend your hard earned cash wisely and purchase a soccer net that will suit the specific needs of players as well as last for an extended period. What type of net should you buy then? It is somehow tricky to clearly predict the exact time a soccer net will last.

A series of variables come into play for this case. Soccer net wear widely depends on the thickness of the net, overlying weather conditions, the type of material used to make the net, and the size of the mesh. Weather conditions like sun exposure, rain and snow may easily compromise the lifetime of soccer nets.

For this reason, choose a soccer net that can handle your situation in terms of climate, the amount of use, and the level of competition. Check the following to help you make the right decision for your soccer net.

The Types of Soccer Net Materials Available in the Market

High Tenacity Polypropylene

High Tenacity Polypropylene abbreviated as HTPP is one of the common soccer net materials. This type of soccer net material is used to produce products that need higher strength such as cargo nets. HTPP materials have a longer lifetime if exposed to sun than nylon and polyethylene (PE).


Nylon is a common type of soccer net material produced in a variety of thickness, styles, and sizes. Due to its availability, it is easily used for custom made soccer nets.


This is a monofilament soccer net material that is thick and stiff yarn. It is normally designed with a twisted knot for added strength.

Hints to Help You Purchase Soccer Nets

  • A braid will always be stronger than a twist,
  • HTPP is a stronger material in thickness than PE and nylon. It is also weather resistant compared to the two types of materials,
  • Knotless nets are always stronger that knotted ones,
  • The smaller the mesh used for soccer nets, the longer the net may last under the same playing conditions,
  • It is cheaper to buy an oversized soccer net than a custom designed net of a specific size.

Questions to Help Guide You on Soccer Net Selection

  • What is the size of your soccer goal in terms of height, top depth, bottom depth, and width?
  • How do you intend to attach the soccer net to the frame?
  • Is vandalism a common problem in the area?
  • Will the soccer net be often exposed to certain weather conditions?