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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Which mailing tube should you choose?

by Dan Owens

How do you sent documents to your clients? Often it is quickest to send the needed papers as email attachments or to use a cloud-based storage service to transfer files but that is not always possible. There are times when only physical documents will do and you have to use the postal service.

The packaging problem

When you need to send physical documents to your client, what are your options? If the document is small enough, you can fold it up and place it in an envelope, but that won't work for lots of documents. What do you do with architectural plans or large photographs that you don't want to fold? Larger documents have typically presented a dilemma for anyone using the postal service. Sending the documents flat is usually impractical and would offer them little protection during their journey. The best solution for sending important documents through the post is to use a mailing tube.  

Why use a mailing tube?

Using a tube instead of an envelope or a parcel allows you to roll your valuable documents rather than folding them. During their journey, the contents of the tube are protected by the tough outer casing of the tube, and when they reach their destination, the tube can be opened allowing them to be quickly unrolled and used immediately.

What type of tube do you need?

The majority of mailing tubes you can buy are round, but depending on what you need to send, you might prefer to use a triangular or square tube to better fit the contents. After determining the shape of your mailing tube, you next have to choose one that is the correct length. An ideal tube should be just a little bit longer than the contents that will be contained in the tube. The documents need to fit inside without being squashed, but you don't want to give them too much room or they will slide up and down and damage themselves. If you can't find the perfect tube for your documents, then consider choosing an adjustable mailing tube which you can customize to fit your documents whatever size they may be.

Any special requirements?

For most documents, a standard mailing tube will be perfectly adequate, but if what you wish to send is especially sensitive or liable to damage in the post, then a padded tube or one with reinforced corners would be a good investment to make sure everything arrives in pristine condition. Whatever documents you want to send through the post, there is a mailing tube that is perfect for you, so choose carefully and make sure your clients receive every document from you looking as good as the day it was printed.