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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

3 Maintenance Steps for Pressure Washers

by Dan Owens

If you own a pressure washer business, then you know the importance of routine equipment maintenance. In fact, you may have several types of pressure washers ranging from small portable washers to larger industrial truck mounted units. Regardless of the pressure washer size, the maintenance for the water pumps is generally the same. Here are three maintenance steps that you and your employees should be taking on a routine basis to keep the pressure washer water pumps operating smoothly.

1. Purge the Pumps

Make sure that the first thing you are doing with all your pumps during a maintenance session is purging them. This means that you are opening up the valves with either the trigger device or with the hoses on the industrial pressure washers. Your goal here is to empty the hoses totally of any water left in them. This makes sure there is no issue with the pump itself, that the pump is cleared before cleaning, and that the pressure washer hoses are working as they should. This is especially important to do after larger pressure washing jobs.

2. Pump Oil Checks

The oil used for your water pumps in pressure washers is similar to that of oil used in cars and other equipment. It will need to be changed out on occasion and replaced with clean filtered oil. Once you have purged the pump system, check your oil levels and the colour of your oil. The oil colour should not be too dark or thick. If the oil is low or discoloured, drain the oil and replace it as stated by the instructions from the oil manufacturer and the needs for the specific make and model of pressure washer.

3. Checking the Seals

An important step in the maintenance of your water pumps should be to check the seals. You will need to make sure that all the seals are working properly, have no rips or tears, and have no leaks. If the seals are not working properly, it can cause issues with debris getting into the water pump or the water pump not working properly and becoming clogged. You will need to check each seal and make sure the seals around any pump filters are also in good working order.

These are steps you may be taking already, but you need to make sure your employees are taking them as well. Make sure to hold at least one quick training session to make sure all employees know how to properly maintain not only the pressure washers themselves but also the water pumps as well.