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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Tips for Sandblasting for the First Time

by Dan Owens

If you are looking to remove paint or rust from a surface in a fast, effective and efficient manner, then you might be interested in trying sandblasting. You might have heard good things about sandblasting before, and you might be hoping that it will work well for you. If you're trying it for the first time, you'll probably want to keep these tips for success in mind.

Rent Sandblasting Equipment

First of all, if you're new to sandblasting, you might not be totally sure of whether or not you are going to like it. You might also be working on a one-time project, so you might not really see the need in investing in sandblasting equipment. Although there are relatively affordable sandblasting machines available for sale, you might decide that renting a sandblasting machine is the better idea. Let someone from the rental company know about the type of project that you're tackling with the machine, and tell them that you are a beginner who is going to be sandblasting for the first time. Then, they can suggest the right sandblasting equipment for you to rent.

Choose the Right Blasting Media

One thing that many beginners don't know is that you can choose from a variety of different types of blasting media when you're sandblasting; you don't actually have to use sand. You can use glass or plastic beads, corn cobs and more. Do your research about all of the different types of sandblasting media that you can use, and consider experimenting with a few different kinds. Then, you can learn how to sandblast in the best way possible.

Make Sure You Protect Yourself

It's very important for you to focus on personal safety when you're sandblasting. After all, sandblasting can be a lot more dangerous than many people realize. Because of this, you should make sure that you wear a bodysuit to protect your skin. Wear protective eye gear, too.

Focus on Proper Preparation

Once you have a rented sandblasting machine, your blasting media and your protective gear, you might be ready to get to work as soon as possible. However, you should make sure that you properly prepare before you get started. Read the instructions for the machine, and make sure that you have plenty of room to work. Additionally, you should cover up other items in the work area to help prevent them from getting dirty during the sandblasting process. Once you've finished your preparation, you will be ready to get started with sandblasting for the first time.

For more information on sandblasting, contact a professional near you.