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Are you curious about manufacturing? Do you wonder how things are made? Do you want to know about the environmental impact of the products you are buying? Are you in the manufacturing field? In that field, are you looking for ways to improve processes, profit margins, safety or other aspects of your business? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then, you have find the right blog. This blog explores all aspects of manufacturing from a variety of angles. It may also delve into industrial topics that are related to manufacturing. I invite you to look around, and please feel free to share any posts that interest you.



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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News


Why salvaged timber is a great choice for your home

What do you do if you need to buy some wood? You could head straight for your local timber yard or DIY store and buy whatever materials you need, but that isn't your only option. Have you considered using reclaimed wood for your next building project? How can reclaimed timber help you? Most people engage in some type of recycling around their home, whether that is using old newspapers as a packing material or finding new uses for glass jars once the contents have been consumed.

Why Thermoplastic Vulcanisates Are Suitable for Automotive Applications

Are you planning to restore a vintage car you recently acquired? Read on and discover some of the reasons why you should buy as many parts made from thermoplastic vulcanisates, such as TPV Santoprene, as possible. Reduced Weight Some vintage cars may have been made at a time when technologies that delivered fuel efficiency had not yet been developed or perfected. Consequently, your vintage car is likely to consume a lot of fuel each time you drive it.

What you didn't know about perspex

You're probably familiar with perspex as the highly versatile acrylic sheets used in any number of creative and industrial applications. Here are some things you didn't know about perspex: Perspex Acrylic is a brand name for a high quality form of acrylic sheets. Perspex take its name from the Greek word plastcos, meaning to be moulded by heat. It is a thermoplastic homopolymer, which means it can be melted down and reformed time and time again.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Company That Does Turnkey Projects If You're Building a Factory

If you're thinking about investing in an industrial facility or if you want to set up a plant to manufacture your newest invention, you can build it from the ground up, or you can opt for a turnkey project. A turnkey project is a contract where one party designs, builds and sets up the facility. Then, you make a payment and its yours. Wondering if this is the right move for you?

Why cartage tanks are the perfect solution to your storage needs

Whether you are involved in the agriculture business, run your own haulage company or work in any other field where you need to store and move liquids, you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the options in the market. It can often seem like someone has designed more tanks, in more capacities and out of more materials, than you quite know what to do with! Not only do you need to think about what you are storing in it, but you also need to think about how you might need to move it in the future, how it will integrate into other systems you use and how you will be able to get your liquids out at the final destination.