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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Signs That Your Disc Screen Need Repairs

by Dan Owens

A disc screen consists of different sections working together in harmony. Discs move items along the screen while the shafts rotate to create and eliminate spaces between discs. If one of these parts does not work correctly, the errors can ruin the entire process or cause further damage. This piece discusses several signs that show your disc screen needs repairs. 

Cracks and splits

Cracks and splits are usually the first signs of damage to your disc screen. This issue creates openings where debris and dirt enter the screen. If the cracks remain, you risk compromising the disc screen and encountering further problems. For example, the cracks are ideal spots for accumulating chemicals, moisture, and other items that increase the vulnerability of your disc screen to corrosion. 

Corrosion often causes the discolouration of metallic components, especially the frame. Metallic parts become weak as oxygen and water react with additional metal layers. Eventually, you may replace the entire disc screen component if the cracks remain unattended. 

Sagged Frames

Over time, metallic components fatigue and lose their original shape. The more rapidly machines vibrate, the faster metallic frames lose their shape. In addition, the surrounding factors, such as temperature changes, may increase the rate at which the frames sag. Atoms in the metallic structure making up the frame constantly rearrange themselves to change their shape in extreme temperatures. 

However, how does such an issue impact your disc screen? You may notice the discs losing their arrangement, whether the vertical or parallel positioning relative to the ground. Frames may also lose alignment and sag due to damage to truss rods. In addition, sagged frames can damage the product or escalate the disc screen's wear rate. 

Unusual Noise

Most worn-out machines make an unusual noise. Your routine maintenance should include a section based on noise evaluation. Similarly, unusual vibrations are a sign of damage, and the noise is a significant indicator of the vibrations. While some noise issues are easy to repair by tightening bolts and fittings, complex ones require a professional. In addition, noise might be a sign of other problems. 

Loose discs might cause unusual noises when using the disc screen. The loose parts vibrate and hit other parts, causing the vibrations to propagate to other parts of the machine. You can protect against wear and tear by addressing these issues early enough. You may also ensure the safety of your workers by creating a noise-free workplace. 

Consult disc screen repair services when you encounter cracks, splits, sagged frames, and unusual noises.