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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Why salvaged timber is a great choice for your home

by Dan Owens

What do you do if you need to buy some wood? You could head straight for your local timber yard or DIY store and buy whatever materials you need, but that isn't your only option. Have you considered using reclaimed wood for your next building project?

How can reclaimed timber help you?

Most people engage in some type of recycling around their home, whether that is using old newspapers as a packing material or finding new uses for glass jars once the contents have been consumed. Choosing to using salvaged timber or recycled bricks is simply the next step in the process. In a timber salvage yard you can find materials for a new wooden floor, timber table, chair, or almost any other decorative home element. Reclaimed timber adds a natural warmth to your home and brings a sense of history that is hard to find elsewhere. Many DIY enthusiasts choose to incorporate salvaged materials in beams, door, and other structural elements of their homes as well as using reclaimed materials to build unique furniture items such as mirrors and shelves.

Working with reclaimed wood

If you want to visit a timber salvage yard and find some reclaimed wood for your home then you must learn how to work with that wood to fashion it into the shape you need. Reclaimed wood is excellent for most purposes but there are some issues that it is helpful to remember:

  • Not all of your wood may be usable so you may need to purchase slightly more wood from the timber salvage yard than you might think you need. It is possible that the wood you purchase may not be entirely even, or it could be water damaged, or have paint on one end. Remember to check the dimensions of the wood carefully and make allowances for any sections you may need to remove.

  • Check your salvaged wood for nails. Used timber has probably contained nails at some point, and while a good reclaimed wood specialist will have tried to remove any nails before resale it is always advisable to check your wood as it only takes a single nail to cause serious damage to your saw.

  • Remember that the most interesting surface of your reclaimed wood is the outside face. It is this weathered appearance that will add the unique character to your project. Sand the wood down to remove any splinters and apply a wax finish to preserve the untreated appearance of the wood in your finished project.