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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

What Gives Plastic Crates an Edge Over Other Types of Crates?

by Dan Owens

Whether dealing with manufactured products or perishable farm produce, plastic crates come in handy when you need to store or transport your stuff. They play an important role in the management of inventory. Ideally, the crates are used for processing units, conveyor mobility, storage and assembling units. There are various grades of plastic, and you can choose the material according to your specific applications. For instance, high-density polyvinyl chloride plastics are tough and suitable for the rumble and tumble of farm applications. These and other attributes give plastic crates an edge over other crates in the market. Here are the top benefits of plastic crates:

They are Nestable

Plastic crates are nestable, an attribute that makes them easy to handle and store when you are limited on space. Basically, being nestable means that they are a series of items that can fit into the succeeding larger items and take up the least amount of space when they are not in use.

They are Friendly to the Environment

In this modern era, sustainable business practices are elemental to the survival or all business enterprises. There is so much emphasis on a clean environment and a need to adhere to business practices that do not affect the environment negatively. With plastic crates, you can never go wrong on this. Plastic crates are very durable, strong and can be recycled to make new ones when needed. They offer great protection to commodities for a long time without warping, unlike other storage and transport alternatives such as cardboard boxes. To add on that, plastic crates are chemically inert and do not release any harmful chemicals into the environment in their natural state. This allows you to transport a variety of commodities using these crates while releasing no pollutants into the environment.

On this note, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn't subject the plastic to elements that change its chemical composition. These include fire and corrosive chemicals. If the crates will come into contact with corrosive chemicals at any point, use a suitable lining such as vinyl to prevent secondary reactions.

They Support Accessories

Another advantage of using plastic crates is the fact that they support additional moving equipment and accessories to facilitate safety in transit. For instance, you can use sack barrows to help you secure commodities during transit. Such accessories may not be applicable to certain types of crates or packaging alternatives.