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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

4 Important Aspects of Core Drilling

by Dan Owens

Homeowners can take on some concrete core drilling projects if they have the right tools for the job. This article discusses some of the key aspects which homeowners should pay attention to when they are performing core drilling.


Different drill bits have different speed ratings at which they can be used. Don't attempt to use a higher speed than is recommended for the drill bits which you are using. Excessive speed can cause the drill bits to wear out rapidly. The excessive speed can also cause heat to build up within the concrete to the extent of causing the concrete to fracture. Take your time and work at the recommended drill speed.


The drilling machine has vents which permit air to cool the motor while the drill is in operation. Some inexperienced homeowners may cover those vents with their hands as they work. Such a mistake can prevent the motor from staying cool. The net result is that the armature (rotating coil) inside the motor will burn out and the equipment will stall. Ventilation is also needed to get rid of any dust or particulates which will be generated as you work. Keep the windows and doors open. Run a fan if one is available.


Some pressure is needed to keep the drill bit working properly. However, you should refrain from exerting a lot of pressure on the drill. Adjust the pressure you exert based on the size of the drill bit. For example, apply more pressure if the drill bit is large and reduce the pressure if you are using a smaller drill bit. 


Lubrication is a crucial aspect of successful core drilling. However, some homeowners deliberately use insufficient lubrication in order to minimise the mess which they will have to clean up once core drilling is completed. Skimping on lubrication can create larger problems than a messy floor. For example, the drill bits will keep failing. Secondly, the concrete may fracture (as mentioned earlier).

Find ways to reduce the impact of the mess. For example, spread plastic sheeting to capture the slurry. You should also use the right lubricant. For example, water is better than oil-based lubricants because heat can destroy the oil-based lubricants and they will not cool your drill bit appropriately.

Getting the above factors right may involve some trial and error if you lack experience. Practice on a discarded piece of concrete until you are sure about those parameters. Alternatively, hire a core drilling professional so that you avoid making a costly mistake.