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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

3 Advantages of Using Formatubes When Building a Barn

by Dan Owens

Building a barn can pose a lot of problems, particularly if the land on which you are building is not ideal. Formatubes can help to resolve some of these issues, making them a great alternative to wooden support structures. Here are the three main advantages of using formatubes when building a barn.

1. Soil Integrity

Barn poles bear the majority of a barn's weight, creating a strong and stable structure. Unfortunately, the poles must be driven into the ground, which can have a negative impact on soil integrity. The force exerted by driving the barn poles into the ground can make the soil loose and thin. Furthermore, any rocks in the soil can halt the progression of the barn poles, forcing you to dig them out.

Formatubes do not need to be driven into the ground with as much force in order to provide a strong and stable support structure for your barn. As a result, the soil retains greater integrity, reducing the risk of the barn sinking and needing structural work.

2. Water Resistance

Formatubes are covered with a water-resistant coating, which reduces the risk of moisture getting into the barn and causing problems with its structural stability. To make your formatubes as water-resistant as possible, cap them during the final stage of the barn building process to create a permanent waterproof seal.

In contrasts, barns built without formatubes often experience problems with moisture getting into the concrete. Other solutions to this problem include pre-forming the concrete or covering it to prevent any moisture from getting in. Using formatubes removes the need to rely on these workarounds.

3. Easier Construction

The final benefit of using formatubes is that they greatly simplify the construction process. Traditional barn poles require braces to be placed on every pole to prevent them from collapsing during the curing or setting of the concrete. Formatubes do not require such braces, nor do they need to be placed in small batches; you can place them all at once, which greatly speeds up the construction process. The need for additional waterproofing processes is also reduced. With fewer labour hours, the cost of your barn construction project could be greatly reduced.

Ask your contractor about formatubes before beginning your next barn construction project. You could reap all these benefits and end up with a strong and stable barn at a fraction of the expected cost.

For more information, contact a formatube supplier.