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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Methods of Caring for Your Powder Coated Fittings

by Dan Owens

When you install high-end steel or aluminium fittings in your home, you want to stay in good condition for the longest possible period. This means that you would love them to stand up against anything that's likely to damage them. For the fittings to do this, they must have an effective coating or layer of protection that keeps any harmful elements at bay.

A powder coating is very effective at doing this. It can prevent the effects of ultra violet radiation, corrosive chemicals and physical impact among other things. If the powder coating is not properly cared for, then it can be compromised and expose the metal fittings to worse damage. Here are the care and maintenance techniques you must know to safeguard your powder coatings:

Remove Graffiti

You never know anything when dealing with kids. If you are one of those people who happen to have a kid that's into wild art, then don't be surprised when you find a few graffiti imprints on the fittings in your home. Don't freak out either, these drawings are easy to deal with, especially then ones made on your powder coated fittings. All you need is an eco-friendly, bio-degradable spray designed for cleaning graffiti.

Clean the Powder Coating

Cleaning your powder coated surfaces is another way of keeping them in good shape. If you let dust and grime accumulate on the coating, they will wear down the glimmer of the coating. To add on that, they will also reduce the ability of the coating to stand up to the effects of ultraviolet radiation. Start by removing any loose particles lying on top of the coating. You can use a clean sponge when doing this. After that, use a soft brush and mild soap solution to further clean the surface of the coating. Rinse your surface with lots of water to ensure that no soap solution is left on the surface of the coating.    

Pay specific attention to detergents that require you to wear protective gloves when carrying out the cleaning. Avoid them at all costs when cleaning your powder coated fittings, as the recommendation to wear gloves is an indication that such detergents are very aggressive.

Remove Stains

If any special stains find themselves on the surface of the powder coating, then you must remove them as soon as possible before they can cause any further damage. Stains caused by synthetic paints, sealants and splashes should be removed using turpentine or methylated spirit.