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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Top Benefits of Opting For Laser Engraving

by Dan Owens

Laser engraving refers to the process of using a laser beam to create etchings on a surface. In years past, the engraving process was largely done by hand. However, since the advent of this technology, it has steadily been adopted by numerous industries that offer this service. Nevertheless, some individuals may still be under the impression that engraving by hand is the only way to guarantee quality. Below are some of the top benefits of incorporating laser engraving in your business:

Laser engraving is highly efficient

One of the main reasons why laser engraving has surpassed previous methods of engraving is the time efficiency that this approach provides. Firstly, once the design has been programmed into the machine, you do not have to monitor it throughout the process. Thus, you get a chance to engage in other tasks while the engraving is being done. Secondly, this also means that your workforce can be allocated other projects to embark on rather than being tasked with the engraving process. Alternatively, you could also streamline your staff, making your business more cost efficient.

Laser engraving produces minimal waste

Waste is a certain byproduct of the engraving process. To attain the intricate designs that you want, you have to cut away at your material. However, the higher the wastage of materials, the more expensive the engraving process becomes. Due to the precision of lasers, you can be assured of minimal wastage. During the programming stage, the computer will establish what would be the best configuration of your design to ensure that there will be the least wastage of material. As a result, you also get to save on costs as you will be making use of more materials, rather than disposing of these valuable resources.

Laser engraving does not damage your materials

It should be noted that there is a risk of damage to the materials used depending on how intricate your engraving designs are. Moreover, human error also poses the risk of damage to the materials that you are using. Opting to use laser engraving to carry out your processes eliminates the risk of these flaws. Since the laser is extremely precise, there will be no distortion that happens to your base material. Therefore, imperfections such as warping or cracking of the material are less likely to occur when you opt for laser engraving. This characteristic makes laser engraving ideal for an assortment of materials that would otherwise be susceptible to damage for example soft metals, plastics and more.

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