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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

Commercial Space Cooling: Three Crucial Tips for Purchasing an Office Air Conditioner

by Dan Owens

If your old office air conditioner is not performing as expected, you should plan on replacing the unit. Remember, without proper cooling, your employees will be uncomfortable, and the productivity of your general business operations will decline. Also, if your office is too warm, there will be a higher risk of office equipment overheating. If you are purchasing an office air conditioner for the first time, you should consider the below tips during selection for the best outcome.

Focus on AC Efficiency

You should not purchase an office air conditioner without checking on the energy efficiency of the different units on the market. It might be tempting to choose your appliance based on the price, especially if you are working with a small budget. However, this choice can be costly. In simple terms, a low-priced AC unit will not cost much to acquire. Once you install the inefficient appliance, you will end up paying high electrical bills. Therefore, the total long term costs will be higher. You should check on the energy star ratings and other efficiency ratings on different AC units before making your choice for optimal performance.

Think about Noise

You should look for commercial air conditioners with low noise during operation. This issue is of great importance for an office because sounds can interfere with the concentration of the workers. In some environments, light noise can be ignored. For example, most people will not notice the noise in high traffic areas of the office due to pre-existing ambient noise. However, if there are people working on tasks that require full concentration such as accounting and contract reviewing, you might need to look for low-noise ACs to ensure minimal disturbance. Also, if you record anything in your office, you will need a quiet appliance because microphones tend to pick up most sounds.

Check Maintenance Needs

Finally, you should review the maintenance needs of the different commercial air conditioners on the market before making your decision. You should avoid appliances which require frequent or intense and complicated care. Otherwise, you will need to spend money on special technicians, and you will experience inconveniences during the downtime. You should be particularly mindful of changing the filter. This is an essential maintenance task which determines the performance of the air conditioner. You should make sure that the filter is accessible and can be changed without technical knowledge. You should also determine the recommended frequency for this upkeep task and the details of other crucial maintenance practices.

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