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Industry Changes, Environmental Impact and Other Manufacturing News

4 Benefits of PVC Swing Doors Over Stainless Steel Doors

by Dan Owens

Are you wondering whether to install PVC or stainless steel doors at your business premises? Both of these doors can offer easy access, but they have different pros and cons. Below are benefits of using PVC swing doors over stainless steel doors.

Easy installation 

The installation process for PVC swing doors is much easier compared to stainless steel doors. When putting up stainless steel doors, there needs to be sufficient preparation, including digging up a foundation that will be suitable to hold up the door. This can be an inconvenience in case you are attempting to put up the doors within an ongoing business. The only alternative might be to suspend your operations until the installation is complete. However, all these processes are not applicable when you want to put up PVC swing doors. This is because the process of installation requires connecting a thin metal frame around the doorway and then adding the PVC swing doors.


Unlike stainless steel doors, PVC swing doors are affordable. There are also multiple designs that you can choose from, including translucent ones, without exceeding your budget. In case of any damage to PVC swing doors, replacements can be obtained at affordable prices. However, stainless steel doors are costly to purchase, install and maintain. Although PVC swing doors are cheaper, they also guarantee flexibility and are very strong.


PVC swing doors are very convenient for business premises. This is because they are light and cause no injuries or damage to equipment when one is passing through. Suppose you are installing the doors in a restaurant to separate the kitchen and the dining section, you will not have to worry that trolleys or utensils can be damaged when being pushed against the swing doors. The same approach cannot be taken when one is pushing trolleys and utensils through steel doors. Steel doors are strong and the impact can cause damage to the trolleys and break utensils at your establishment.

Safety features

PVC swing doors also include anti-fall strops. These are useful during a heavy collision since they prevent the doors from collapsing. As such, the safety of your employees and equipment is guaranteed when you are using these doors on your premises.

PVC swing doors are ideal for your business, particularly in areas with heavy traffic. There are also numerous variations available and depending on your needs, it is easy to get appropriate doors.